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I am Saana Koljonen, and I’m a mental performance coach/consultant.

I help athletes, coaches, teams, and programs to reach an unseen level of confidence, joy and freedom with their performance through “Performance Coding”

Find your authentic excellence within you or within your team and let’s raise the bar where it has never been yet. You will be thrilled about the results!

Saana Koljonen coach and consult

My Approach

I am Saana, and my name happens to be a mountain in Finland where I’m from, which is just a perfect illustration of my belief that we are all here to climb our own mountain, to reach our own best and see what we are capable of (and not your neighbors). I tested my limits in professional sports as a volleyball player until December 2018 came and swept my legs out from under me. Literally.

My Process

During that long and unpleasant fight against a nasty bacterial infection in my ankle, I had to start letting go of my big dreams as an athlete. It felt like someone blew out the candles of my birthday cake before I got to do it.

After that dark moment, I saw one of the candles flickering. The glimpse was a passion that was still alive within me. I gently coaxed the flicker to a flame… And to a bonfire. 

Unique Framework

That fire was tamed for years because I had learned to make myself small to fit in. So I worked like an underdog, had hard time believing that I belong or am good enough..

 But after I detangled my self-worth from performance, I unlocked my dream life I am now living in Denver with my husband, owning my own business and serving other people to reach their dreams faster, on and off the court! 

My framework is built on understanding and unlocking the very much underutilized power of mind-body connection in sports and in life.

beliefs about performance

Do you have these 3 false beliefs about performance?

3 short videos with big impact

Check if you have these false beliefs about your performance that are holding you back like glue… Watch or listen to find out and elevate your head game for free with me! 

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Everyone wants to be more confident but only a handful are doing something about it. 

Make this fall THE season you will be known for and recognized.  


Say goodbye to the crippling self-doubt.

And absolutely also to the comparison games. No more of those.

Just calm, excellent and confident performance!

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Where are you at?

My most popular program, the Next Level Athlete is broken out by where you are in your (sports) journey. Within the Next Level Athlete program, I help you grow from inconsistent self-doubting athlete to a more confident, authentically excellent and strong performer, leading to more consistency, success and joy. 

Ready to Grow?

You’re a competitive athlete, you are driven and invested in becoming better in your sport (making between 0-1K per month through sports), but you’re not where you want to be yet and you’re working hard to get to the next level, without as much results as you’d like. You’d like to go from semi-pro to pro in the near future and make sport your job instead of a hobby, and you want to get to that level (and make more money) as quickly as possible.

It’s time I teach you everything you need to know about becoming a pro mentally, what separates you from others, and how to become more confident and resilient before you step into the pro world so you get more consistent in your performance now and feel unstoppable about yourself so you are ready to take on the pro level when the opportunity arises. (Which also makes your first year easier and better!)

Take me to the Next Level Athlete Group! 

Ready to go for Gold?

You’re now making at least 3K a month, consistently. (Congrats on making sports your living!) But now, you’re feeling stuck and finding performing at a high level consistently as a challenge, as there’s no time to waste, you should be showing what you can do right now. You are committed to growing to see how far you can get with your skills but the idea of doing more and more, sacrificing more, or everything, for the sport makes you worried that is it worth it if you don’t feel happier than this?

It’s time I introduce Performance Coding to you and how it will detangle your self-worth from your performance FREEING the way you perform, and for you to become more confident leader in your position which happens as a result of shifting your way of thinking to one that allows you to find joy and satisfaction in yourself today, removing the daily stress about if you did enough or are enough… So let’s re-align your life through your strengths and values which will also help you to land the contracts, jobs, opportunities, sponsorships etc. that make you (and your wallet) smile.



Ready to change your culture?

You’re now in an organization (workplace, club or college/high school program) who has recognized the importance of mindset training (welcome to 2022!! ) but now the challenge is HOW to apply that? The executives, coaches and admins already have their plates full… You would love to see the team to achieve what is possible for them and communicate better with each other, striving towards the common goal believing in the team but that hasn’t happened.

The problems in the team (mostly individual but impact collectively) have taken the best out of the team performance and you are getting tired because it’s the same thing almost every year. And that’s it. It is a coincidence if they do well one year and more often they don’t. Now you want to see results and happier athletes and performers who would stay in your organization. Make good years a habit, not a coincidence. Make your club/team/organization known for how athletes feel about themselves when they are in your organization. That will help them stay and make your job better. 



Helps high performing athletes and professionals to become leaders in their field and position through discovering what is holding them back and the keys to break through it! 

On this webinar we’ll cover how to discover the most limiting belief/doubt you have AND the keys to break through it. 

“Working with Saana was easy because Saana took the leadership of her own task and project from day one. She is a self-starter, productive, happy and social person as well as a solid professional whose work in this project was significant.

She brought up new perspectives and ideas to the project making it even better. We were impressed especially with her writing skills and production of content in written form. Best example of her know-how in this area are her pieces in the book called “Becoming an Elite Athlete” (Kehity Huippu-urheiljaksi) published by the Olympic Committee.”

Jarno Parikka

Specialist, Finnish Olympic Committee

“With the help of Saana, I managed to get out of the hole that I was stuck in due to my overthinking and perfectionism.

Now I feel like I can relax and just let the body take over when I play! I don’t need to think all the time and I can just let the body do the work. I don’t overthink and analyze anymore, also my perfectionism is at a healthy level right now. I trust myself much more than before and I can finally just focus on the present moment. Thank you Saana!”

Karl Andersson


“Before I started working with Saana, football was overwhelming for me. Being new to the sport and already successful, I felt pressure to be perfect every rep. And when I would execute, it still wasn’t enough.

 Things changed when Saana helped me peel away those layers to uncover why I put this pressure on myself – why I would get so upset with even just one mistake. She helped me find the joy of competing in a new sport after having so much success in volleyball.

 I’ve gained so much confidence working with Saana and through this course. I feel like I can step on any field, against any player and ball out. I’ve learned to play fearless and, with that, came all the accolades that I never expected.”


Alyssa Speckhals

American Football

“Saana has been working for the Olympic Committee in two different tasks and projects at two different times.

Her professional knowledge has been excellent and she has performed the given tasks succeeding to meet with the given goals.

In addition to her substance knowledge, she has gained an appreciated position in the work community due to her initiative approach, excellence in her work and her exquisite social skills. I am very happy to recommend Saana in her future endeavours as well as in her career.”

Antti Paananen

The Head of Sports Academy Program, Finnish Olympic Committee

“Said you are wanting your athletes to develop the winning mindset and have the tools to do it I would highly recommend reaching out to Saana.

She talked to my team and has usable tools that they were able to apply right away. At time of this writing my team is undefeated. Thank you Saana!”

Tony Jalan

Division Sales Manager

“So many things have changed for the better with the next level athlete course – I no longer feel like I am lacking something. I trust myself a lot more to do a good job, and mistakes don’t mean that I am a worthless human.

I can play with so much more freedom as I am not judgmental anymore which helps me reach a more natural and fearless state on court. I can enjoy the sport again!

I also value myself and my hard work more – I can see that I am already successful, even tho I am not “world class” as my perfectionist mind wanted me to be.”

Anonymous Athlete


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My blog is like a brainstorm of what excites me, mini and major life lessons mostly learned from professional sports but can be applied elsewhere as well. It is a place where I express myself, make weird metaphors and stupid jokes, curse a little but only when needed and ponder the phenomena that are rocking my world.

Come rock with me!

The ‘Gram Game


Yeah got it you wanna see how far you can go but what if you get injured? What if you hit an all time low?

Or are just losing motivation and it gets harder and harder to hit the gym..?

Are you still motivated by the thought of wanting to see how good you can get? Maybe.

But for most people, the want needs to be deeper than that so they can become successful and not quit right before they would have broken through.

Why do you want to be the best or your best?

If you want to explore this question with me and get extra grind and deeper inner motivation for your pursuit of excellence,

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