master the moment – Unshakeable Focus Techniques for Athletes

Learn how to silence the external noise and focus on what matters the most – you & your performance!

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Are you an athlete?

…And more specifically – an athlete who is hungry for success but:


  • Cannot quite block out the expectations and distractions from fans, coaches, or even teammates?
  • Feels overwhelmed by the pressure to meet everyone’s AND your own expectations?
  • Is often worrying about other people’s opinions or what your competitors are doing?
  • Knows that if you could stress and worry less, you would have more confidence and calmness and energy in general towards your sport?

If you nodded your head to any of these, you’re not alone, and we have just the solution for you.

This free, value packed webinar is designed to provide athletes like you with immediate tools and strategies to “block out the noise” and focus on what truly matters – your performance and well-being. We’ll cover:

  • Quick but powerful Breathwork Technique for instant centering.
  • The “STOP” Technique for creating mental space in high-pressure situations.
  • How to care less about other people’s opinions and stay laser-focused instead through creating a Performance Bubble 
  • An introduction to Extended DISC Assessments and how they can revolutionize your ability to manage stress and pressure.

Studies show that athletes who have a clear understanding of their mental and emotional states during competition experience a 30% reduction in performance anxiety.

Why should you attend?


🎯 Immediate Takeaways:

Walk away with practical tools you can start implementing right away.


🔑 Unlock Mental Barriers:

Learn techniques that help you overcome the stress that comes from not being able to block out the noise – the real enemy of peak performance.


👁️ Personalized Insights:

Get a sneak peek into how Extended DISC Assessments can provide you with invaluable insights into your unique stressors and coping mechanisms


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So you can only win when you join

My #1 goal for you


With these tools and strategies, you’re not just another athlete in the game who is easily thrown off their game by external distractions – you’re an athlete above the game who knows how to stay calm and confident when needed. Take the first step toward a future where other people’s nor your negative voices won’t distract you from performing at your best level. 

I can’t wait to see what you can do when you can tune in with your successful inner voice (yes you do have one even if you don’t hear it right now) and let the performance flow from a place of trust instead of need or fear.


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And… There is a bonus worth hundreds of dollars so it pays off to stay until the end!

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About me.

My professional volleyball journey began with me feeling like an eternal underdog, always battling. But I broke through, not by sheer force and over-training like I did for years, but by unlocking the powerful synergy of mindfulness and high-performance mindset tools that kept me in the present moment. This transformation allowed me to reach the pinnacle of my athletic capabilities and achieve a level of performance I had dreamt of for years.

But then, very quickly after that moment, I experienced the crushing setback of a career-ending injury. It taught me the hard but crucial lesson of rediscovering even more who I was beyond just being an athlete. It fueled me to rebuild my identity in a more holistic way, embracing the wholesome human being that I am.

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Breathwork and mindset coaching Saana

 That’s why I transitioned to becoming a specialized mental performance coach. I’ve combined my personal experiences with cutting-edge techniques in breathwork, high-performance mindset coaching, mindfulness practices, and Extended DISC assessments to create a transformative program. And guess what? It works! I’ve helped dozens of athletes like you shatter their performance plateaus, demolish mental barriers, and find their inner resilience.

So, are you ready to perform with more confidence, joy, and freedom? Ready to be more than just your sport? I can’t wait to help you unlock your full potential!


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This is what they say:

“I trust myself much more than before and I can finally just focus on the present moment and executeThank you Saana!”