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How to achieve goals? Don’t just set them. Crush them!

How to achieve goals? Don’t just set them. Crush them!

Hey there gorgeous piece of a human being who wants to get more and be more but might need some goal setting awesomeness to help along the way! How to set better goals for yourself is what you might need..? Or maybe you wish to have more clarity on what your goals and dreams should actually even be and how to achieve goals. Maybe you dream about how to set goals with purpose… If any of this rings true to you, you are in the right place, because the goal for this post is…

How to Know If You Limit Yourself and How to Solve It?

How to Know If You Limit Yourself and How to Solve It?

Think 6-year-old Sally who has been playing on the yard with a ball for an hour and now runs back in with muddy shoes and bouncing the ball with dirty hands, so excited to tell mom the trick that she just learned with the ball! She is gonna be so proud of me! Mommy mommy mommy look what I just did! Mommy unfortunately was already a little stressed coming back from work and now Sally is dirty and spreading the mud all over the house… No more mess she thinks and responds…”

3 Mistakes Athletes Make

3 Mistakes Athletes Make

Are you consuming more time on thinking how good you can be or how bad you were? Are you spending more time on comparing yourself to others and feeling down because of comparison or can you see others’ success as something empowering to you? Are you using your time trying to find the connection between your mind and body or are you treating your body more or less like a tool to get what you want?

Free Workbook: Build Your Self-confidence

Where does self-confidence come from? Your past experiences? Your ability to know that you handle this moment? That you know you have what conquering this moment takes? So after all, what do you say to yourself in the situation when being tested?

Yes. This work book will help you to create those things in your own life by: 

Discovering the expertise and experience you already have and can count on so you don’t need fake your confidence but know you have it

Taking a look at your limiting beliefs so you can remove them

Tips how to handle the pressure moments better so you are free to perform your best in the moment


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