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When the end of your sporting career is unexpected…

When the end of your sporting career is unexpected…

One bigger thing for me to understand has been that this power and fire or whatever you want to call it, is still there inside me (and you!) burning for volleyball, or the sport you do. The world of sports is an excellent platform and environment to harness the fire. Sports and my personality were a match! Just like in Tinder! 🙂 And so when the sport is taken away from that equation, the fire is left behind and it is frustratingly alone. Life will be kind of an adaptation fight for a while if that makes sense.

Scar(r)ed minds and bodies.

Scar(r)ed minds and bodies.

Oh Jesus here we are. A subject that I thought I would never post anything about. Eating and body image. It is often just so black and white that it drives me nuts. Too much subjectivity, prejudiced opinions instead of objective knowledge and intuitive, honest but self-compassionate body-awareness. The whole discussion about food is often quite a bit to handle because surprisingly few are actually listening to their bodies and what they need.

Free Workbook: Build Your Self-confidence

Where does self-confidence come from? Your past experiences? Your ability to know that you handle this moment? That you know you have what conquering this moment takes? So after all, what do you say to yourself in the situation when being tested?

Yes. This work book will help you to create those things in your own life by: 

Discovering the expertise and experience you already have and can count on so you don’t need fake your confidence but know you have it

Taking a look at your limiting beliefs so you can remove them

Tips how to handle the pressure moments better so you are free to perform your best in the moment