I wanted to thank everyone for this season because I am grateful that I got this chance to play for Rote Raben and get to know with so many amazing people! So here we go…

#2 Dear Captain Kerley, thank you for making me GO GO GO.

#3 Dear Lauren Plum, thank you for being the most hilarious shit stain ever. Thank Tingers for me too.

#6 Dear Srna Markovic, thank you for reminding me that there are eleven other players that can be strong for me on the day when I might not be.

#7 Dear Barbara Wezorke, thank you for being my veggie friend and saving the planet Earth with me 😛

#8 Dear Keao Burdine, thank you for being always there for me and introducing the pizookie to me. There is no return..

#9 Dear Marlies Wagendorp, thank you for the energy and joy you shared every single day.

#11 Dear Liana Mesa Luaces, thank you for setting us in the game mode in the locker room.

#12 Dear Isabella Liebchen, thank you for being such a sweet heart from the very first day 🙂

#14 Dear Lena Stigrot, thank you for being so reliable and nice on and off the court and making sure people got fresh Lavita all season long!

#16 Dear Courtney Felinski, thank you for listening to the updates from Finland/Koljonen family and being a cool buddy with warm heart.

#17 Dear Naoko Hashimotooooo, thank you for being so genuine and just everything you did for me and for the team. Also the ducks of Vilsbiburg want to thank you for the sausage, they were tired of being vegetarians.

Girls. A big hug. I love you 🙂 <3


Thank you Jonas Kronseder for the patience towards my forgetfulness. I know it was not the easiest thing for you to understand why I did not have my team theraband with me all the time.

Thank you Per-Erik Dahlqvist for making sure my ass is pointing to the base line and showing me an example how important it is to stretch already at this age 😛

Thank you Konstantin Bitter for serving a stupid drop serve every time I was not focusing and showing me what real coffee addiction is. (I am safe.)

Thank you Tony Brandemeier for showing me how twisted my right side is and making my life more balanced. At least in this matter 😉

Thank you Alexa Sander for using quite amount of hours trying to make my grandma back and knees to feel young again.

Thank you Florian Kraemer for saving my ass for various times even tho I was not exactly smiling at the time when the saving happened.

Thank you Cramers, all of you (!) to make me feel like home and taking such a good care of me. You will always have a place in my heart. And I am sorry I killed that one green plant during the year that was still living strong and green in the living room when I came, I think I just forgot to give water to it…

Thank you doctors Gudrun, Meesters and Attenberger for also taking care of me and keeping me healthy.

Thank you whole office team for making the volleyball life work and always help me, i.e. if I lacked some confidence in talking in the phone about wisdom teeth in German.

Thank you Maria for driving me and my couple “little” luggage. I know they weighed more than me.. Oops.

Thank you Rote Raben fans for your support. You made our home games to feel like home games and I think we played our best games at home. I absolutely loved and enjoyed playing at home so thank you really!:)

Thank you everyone else too who were involved with my living in Vilsbiburg and made me happy, especially all you little volleyball players!!

I will miss you people 🙂


Photo by Herman Boxleitner. 


Oh girls <3 (Photo: Herman Boxleitner.)


Thank you! (Photo Peter Pilsner)