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Hi there!

I am Saana Koljonen, and I help athletes, coaches, teams, and programs to realize and reach their full potential through behavioral assessments and by developing authentic leadership in themselves and cultivating it in others as well.

Empower yourself – empower your “team” and let’s raise the bar where it has never been yet.

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How to finish the last months of 2020 with a punch?

Why to wait until New Years to make goals? That’s just waste of time if you ask me.. 😉 Grab your goal setting workbook for free that will focus on the action and the purpose so you can fall in love with the process.

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Here are some options for you to get conveniently acquainted with me and my site.

My potential

I know I am made for more and I want to find out what my authentic self looks like so I can start bringing my dreams closer to reality. So, tell me more about the behavioral assessment and/or authenticity!

My team’s potential

I have a team or program that does not want to underperform but find their strengths and become uniquely strong in them. So that we can become our best, we are interested to hear more about the team tools!

A Mix of Inspiration & Information

I am here to seek out some empowering material, take me to your empowerment academy and what it has to offer today!

Well, you.

I’m looking more stuff about you, who you are and what you do.. -> That’s ok, keep lurking around by all means! My suggestion is to start with the “About me”-section or feel free to contact me on the contact page!

Developing self-awareness
Saana Koljonen blog
About me

About the curious, ever-learning optimist aka me

So I am Saana, and my name happens to be a mountain in Finland where I’m from, which is just a perfect illustration of my belief that we are all here to climb our own mountain, to reach our own best and see what we are capable of (and not your neighbors). I tested my limits in professional sports as a volleyball player until December 2018 came and swept my legs out from under me. Literally.

During that long and unpleasant fight against a nasty bacterial infection in my ankle, I had to start letting go of my big dreams as an athlete. It felt like someone blew out the candles of my birthday cake before I got to do it. After that dark moment, I saw one of the candles flickering. The glimpse was a passion that was still alive within me. I gently coaxed the flicker to a flame… And to a bonfire.

It is built on understanding and unlocking the power of our mindsets and the importance of authenticity in sports and life. Light up! <3

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What they said

I know it’s not an easy task to trust someone in this wild, world wide web so I brought these real words from these real people to help the cause.

Latest tidbits from my


My blog is like a brainstorm of what excites me, mini and major life lessons mostly learned from professional sports but can be applied elsewhere as well. It is a place where I express myself, make weird metaphors and stupid jokes, curse a little but only when needed and ponder the phenomena that are rocking my world. Come rock with me 😉

Customer’s favorite

Your natural behavioral tendencies explored and explained in less than 30 minutes!

I call it as your essential package to know yourself better…


The 'Gram Game

I got into the ‘gram game when I needed the outlet for those little stories and nuggets as well as a place to get to know you better. So hey, come hang out with me!

Want to work with me?

I mean, no bragging, but it’s the combination of excellence and fun and will leave both of us empowered so check the options! ->

Saana empowering services

Empowering authenticity - I believe in you more than you do 😉

90 day goal setting, inspiration and accountability

High Performance Mindset Mentoring

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I am Saana 🙂 

I am a former professional athlete who now jumps out of the bed to help other people reach their dreams through better self-awareness and self-knowledge.

I help athletes, teams and coaches to find their strengths and identity which allows them to create their own success path that they are happy to walk on!

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