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Develop your Self-Awareness, Self-Knowledge, and

Self-Confidence to Win More


Step 1: Assessment

Let’s start with the present situation and get a starting point where you are now at through one of the assessments that fits with your situation.

Step 2: Analysis

 I don’t believe the assessments are often enough to make the changes we wish to make, so let’s analyze where you want to go from the situation that you are now in and what you would truly wish to achieve.

Step 3: Strategy

Lastly, knowing where you are now and where you would want to go doesn’t bridge the gap of how to to get there yet, but a strategy does. So we will make a plan for you to get there utilizing your natural strengths and authentic features.

Consultation and Coaching

All you need to do is book a call to get started, it’s always free! If you need examples before hitting the “call” button, take a look at the current offerings:

  • NEXT LEVEL ATHLETE/TEAM: Discover and cultivate your Authentic Excellence through Performance Coding to excel and win more. This 8-week program focuses on making you ready to perform at your highest level through your own personality, strengths and knowledge! 


  • AUTHENTIC EXCELLENCE WORKSHOP: One topic, min. five people, group pricing (read: more affordable for you! 🙂 ) Contact me to learn more!


  • 1:1 HIGH PERFORMANCE MENTORING : Wish to have someone in your corner at all times to help you to achieve the things you want? Drop an email, book a call, or message me on social media!

Course: Next Level Athlete / Team

Next level athlete course

If you are getting frustrated etc. for the inconsistency that you might have and/or you dream about taking that next level upwards with your performance, this is for  you!

Next Level Athlete teaches you to build your self-confidence, to perform with freedom, enjoy sports and its challenges. So if you also understand the importance of having your mind and body work together for the goals and dreams you have, then you are in the right place. 

Be sure to take action now and stop wasting any more time and feel inadequate, inconsistent, insecure of your skills and so on. You can start winning more once your mind knows how to support your performance and dreams better.

Ready to level up?? Read more about the program below and start building your next level now!

The program is available for individual athletes and teams/groups, including coaches. 

Course: Re-Ignite Your Fire for Sports

Former athletes course Saana

An online course for former athletes and athletes who want to get ready for the next stage if sports is over for them: 

On this online course we’ll cover where is your fire coming from, especially in the field of sports so you can transfer it to other platforms in life.

Don’t miss this breakthrough course that will show you how to discover WHAT made you the passionate athlete you were or are and how to pivot that skill set to something else to make you succeed also after sports.

Tools: Extended Disc Analysis

The secret to better your self-awareness and communication so that you can leave exhausting guessing games behind and use your personality to your advantage.

Extended DISC® is one of the top five psychometric tools in the field today, and has spread to over 80 countries. Extended DISC®, powered by the FinxS Online Platform, has been translated into 75 languages and is used by thousands of people around the world every day. It has also gotten a scientific validation that many other tools are missing. 

Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessments will empower you to make better decisions, enhance your communication – and well, that builds confidence. No need to get stuck, end up in situations that drain you out or struggle with communication anymore. Plus if simple, efficient, and individualized assessment sound good to you, this is for you.. 

Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessments are designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive effect on performance. What else could you want? ☺


Tools: Sports Capacity Assessment

Why you don’t have to be anything else than yourself to succeed. You just need to know yourself. 

Top athletes are committed to their sport and motivated to achieve their goals. Their success is often determined by their natural predispositions, attitude, and level of competence toward their sport. 

That is why Sports Capacity assessment measures 18 critically important competencies for sports telling you the strengths and challenges you have and most importantly, how to approach them so that you can take action and know where excellence lies for you.

You will get a road map based on your profile how to move on and maximize your strengths. Forget changing yourself and the overwhelming task of getting better at everything … instead – discover your individual tendencies and start taking steps that make sense to you.


Achieve Excellence Through Authentic Leadership


I believe, firmly, that there is a path for all of us, to our own excellence and it is unique to us.

Highways? Fast, crowded, noisy, crashes.

Paths? Calm, individual, authentic, own pace. 

What truly lights me up in this world is you gaining more valuable information of the person who you are,

and walk your own path confidently towards your dreams in the world where highways are being built everywhere.

You understanding how to use your unique strengths and discover what you want from your (sports) career so you can start living it. 

I needed to find out what are the ways for you to achieve that and here they are in a nutshell: 

assessments and consultations to help you gain more self-awareness and self-knowledge so you can access and tap into the source of your super power, authenticity

Then we can set the vision and goals accordingly.

They look like you, they feel like you, they mean a lot to you.

And the best part? You have the tools and support to get there after working together! 

So, take a break from the noisy highway and let’s explore your path of self-discovery leading you to move your walking sticks toward a more authentic way of performing and to excellence! 

“The number one factor that differentiates the good and the great is self-awareness.”

– Keith Power


    • Success, excellence, and winning are the end result of good habits and previous consistent, quality actions. The better you know yourself, how you work, what are your tendencies, what works the best for you, what does not – the better habits you are building to get to your goals.
    • I am covering these topics and other experiences and lessons that are both inspiring and educational in my weekly emails so why don’t you hop on to that list below and be the first to receive the material I have collected?  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Read this and if you agree…👇🏼

Let’s work together!

My plan is to help you solve the overwhelming question of HOW to get more out of yourself and to do it in an authentic way that reflects you as a person and leads to excellence.

See, we all want results and the “old tricks” are already used and exploited by many. Let me explain…

Short dive into history!

1) we figured out that anyone who works out more will succeed (quantity),

2) then we focused on food and how beneficial a good diet is for success (nutrition),

3) then we had the era of hustle when both of those were combined – often with a very strict regimen.

4) Next up was deliberate practice, we needed to be smarter (quality) and not just increase the amounts we do.

5) This was soon followed by the phase and focus on recovery, the importance of it and sleep, as a part of high performance and success.

Now, the trend is turning more towards how to get the most out of the person as an individual, as a unique set of components that we are. Understanding the individual differences and how to utilize them to bring the best out of the person instead of trying to make the best out of some system. 

There is not one model or mold we should put people in and see who come out of as winners – I believe that instead we need to let you create your own model for your wins.

Do you believe in this too? If yes… 

You are welcome to join the new wave of high performance and the quest of authentic excellence with me!

Free Workbook:
Build Your Self-Confidence

Where does self-confidence come from? Your past experiences? Your ability to know that you handle this moment? That you know you have what conquering this moment takes? So after all, what do you say to yourself in the situation when being tested?

Yes. This work book will help you to create those things in your own life by: 

Discovering the expertise and experience you already have and can count on so you don’t need fake your confidence but know you have it

Taking a look at your limiting beliefs so you can remove them

Tips on how to handle the pressure moments better so you are free to perform your best in the moment


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