3 Mistakes Athletes Make

Are you consuming more time on thinking how good you can be or how bad you were? Are you spending more time on comparing yourself to others and feeling down because of comparison or can you see others’ success as something empowering to you? Are you using your time trying to find the connection between your mind and body or are you treating your body more or less like a tool to get what you want? … More 3 Mistakes Athletes Make

Scar(r)ed minds and bodies.

Oh Jesus here we are. A subject that I thought I would never post anything about. Eating and body image. It is often just so black and white that it drives me nuts. Too much subjectivity, prejudiced opinions instead of objective knowledge and intuitive, honest but self-compassionate body-awareness. The whole discussion about food is often quite a bit to handle because surprisingly few are actually listening to their bodies and what they need. … More Scar(r)ed minds and bodies.